"Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.”

I use this famous phrase from Arthur Ashe, because there are dreams who are ending different as planned....

It started with a small business on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean..., Bonaire. Bonaire is not only known as diving paradise, it is also famous for the Sea Salt. After studying many articles and investigating the possibilities, I was 'hooked'.... Why? It is local, authentic and natural. Three very important 'ingredients' for success! I started designing, producing and selling products for tourists and restaurants in my Saltshop...,
I became Mister Saltman.

Unfortunately (or luckily?) I am addicted to coffee and do have also another passion...Colombia. Seems a logic step for a born and raised world citizen from Indonesia? However, there is a reason! Years ago, I met my wonderful Carmen. We decided to move on till 'the end' together. Colombia became not only my second home country, but also my 'homebase'. Yes. I am blessed and grateful for all of this.

Visiting Colombia cannot without a small present! For that reason, I brought always a typical Dutch product....the 'stroopwafel'. This cookie or waffle is a real delicacy. I cannot come to Colombia anymore without them. Colombia has many cookies and waffles. One of them is the 'Oblea', a big thin, dry crispy 'pancake'.
It took just a few minutes for a new idea.... the "Obladi" Galleta Holandesa!

I started investigating and working on a new Colombian adventure....! 

57 PLUS became the answer for selling my addiction and passion. A store where the OBLADI waffles, ARTISTA Café/Chocolate and Mr. Saltman Cuisine products will be presented and available for online selling. 57 PLUS for only 100 % Made In Colombia products!

Here we are, here I am..... 

"Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.”

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