About Cacao...., from Colombia

colombia cacao

Colombia is one of the largest producers of cacao in the world an the Colombian cacao is some of the world's finest cacao. 95% of Colombia's cacao exports are considered “Fine Flavour” by the International Cacao Organisation. Cacao is the raw ingredient for chocolate and is also an important part of the country's bid to cut coca production and end its internal conflict(s)!

colombia chocolate

'Cacao'  and 'Cocoa', two products with similar origins, but with some key differences. Both start as beans from the cacao plant, which are separated from the fatty part known as cocoa butter (yes, the part where white chocolate comes from). The beans are milled and processed, and that’s how you make both cacao powder and cocoa powder. But here’s what makes them different....

The beans are processed at low temperatures and once milled into powder, it contains a high amount of enzymes, minerals, and nutrients. This is the CACAO powder. It tastes more bitter than cocoa powder but offers more nutritional content and is considered more natural....

COCOA powder is created with the same beans, but processed at a much higher temperature. The beans are not only fermented but now also roasted (cacao powder only involves fermentation). Without further processing, the cocoa tastes acidic. The milled and sifted end product is called “natural cocoa”, but compared to cacao powder, it may lack the nutrients due to the heating....!