Mr. Saltman, 'le Maniaque de la Cuisine'....
Gourmet en Smoked Sea Salt!

In 2006, I started as Mr. Saltman with Sea Salt products for Kitchen, Bath and Body. Pure and delicious, authentic Sea Salt, which is made now for over 400 years on one of the most beautiful islands of the Dutch Caribbean... Bonaire!

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As the Bonaire Saltshop became more popular, my customers where asking for 'exclusive' products for the 'Chef' in the kitchen.

I began to study and invest in Gourmet and Smoked Sea Salts. Gourmet Salt is also known as a 'seasoner' or 'finisher', Sea Salt in combination with herbs and special spices like Jalapeno and other 'hot' stuff... Smoked and Gourmet Sea Salt are really great products for finishing up your fish, meat, soups, salads, etc. ...the final 'touch'...

All Gourmet Salts are packed in 4 oz, stackable containers.

  gourmet salts from Mr. Saltman


 Spice up your salads, soup, meat, fish..., all dishes, with flavored salt and use only the best!
Mr. Saltman Gourmet Salt!

Mr. Saltman Gourmet Salts are unique creations in taste and variety, together in an original designed packaging.

Explore our delicious Sea Salt ‘infused’ with pure natural ingredients from all around the World. Kosher’, coarse or crushed sea salt without any additive, bring the highest flavored salt quality available to your table!

Gourmet Salts, are also named; ‘Flavored’ salts, ‘Infused’ salts or ‘Seasoned’ salts, are best as finishing salts however, you can use them before (rubbing) and during the cooking process (sprinkling) as well, but be careful…don’t ‘over-salt’! For most flavors, add Gourmet Salt as late as possible with BBQ, grill or baking. TIP: when baking, also use unsalted butter!  Bon Appetit!