Gourmet Salt

Gourmet Salts, also named; ‘Flavored’ salts, ‘Infused’ salts or ‘Seasoned’ salts, are best as finishing salts however, you can use them before (rubbing) and during the cooking process (sprinkling) as well, but be careful…don’t ‘over-salt’! For the most flavor, add Gourmet Salt as late as possible with BBQ, grill or baking.TIP: when baking, also use unsalted butter! Bon Appetit.....
COP $32.000
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Mr. Saltman

Spice up your salads, soup, meat and fish...., all dishes, with flavored salt. Take only the best.., Mr. Saltman Gourmet Salt!

Mr. Saltman ‘Gourmet Salt’. Unique creations in taste and variety, together in an original designed packaging.